Monday, July 25, 2005

Myron Floren R.I.P.

Lawrence Welk Accordion Player Floren Dies - Yahoo! News

My parents were big fans of Lawrence Welk and watched his show every week. I was never a fan of "Champagne Music," but even I enjoyed some of the performers, Pete Fountain in particular. I never could figure out how he and Welk got together. And of course I remember Myron Floren. I'm sorry to learn of his death.


Anonymous said...

Pete Fountain was Lawrence Welk's drug dealer was how they got together.
--Ed Gorman

Bill said...

Damn, I love those insider secrets!

Brent McKee said...

But seriously folks, Welk has to have been atractive to musicians. Stable gig, and with the TV show there wasn't much travel except in the summers, plus there was plenty of time to take other work. Most importantly Welk was something of a perfectionist. He was no Benny Goodman but he held big band together longer than anyone else and that was no small task.