Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Brought In Dead -- Jack Higgins

I've had quite a bit to say about Jack Higgins in the past, here, here, and here. In the second of those linked posts, I said that a book called The Graveyard Shift reminded me of a good Gold Medal novel. I should have mentioned then that it was really Fawcett who brought Higgins to the U.S. market back in the 1970s, putting out a lot of his best work in paperback for the first time in this country.

Brought in Dead is another Berkley reprint of an early Higgins book in the same series as The Graveyard Shift and it also features a cop named Nick Miller. In this one Miller is working on the suicide of a young woman who seems to have gone to a lot of trouble to hide her identity before killing herself. He finds out who she was, and her father sets out to get revenge on the man who drove her to her death. This is another fast-moving and entertaining book, and as soon as I finished it, I went out and bought Hell is always Today, yet another Nick Miller novel. I don't know why Berkley has waited so long to publish this series, but I, for one, am glad they finally got around to it.

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Anonymous said...

Great, Bill. Just what I needed - moe books to add to my list.

Thanks a lot!