Thursday, April 28, 2005

Voices of Vision -- Jayme Blaschke

Contiuing my foolish practice of plugging books by writers other than myself, today I'm recommending Voices of Vision by Jayme Blaschke. The book is a collection of interviews with such luminaries as Samuel R. Delany, Harlan Ellision, Neal Gaiman, and Gordon Van Gelder, seventeen interviews in all. I, for one, can never resist writers (and editors) talking about their work, and these inverviews are all thoroughly entertaining. Blaschke asks good questions, and he doesn't stick to the standards. Check it out.

And if you ever see Jayme at a convention or elsewhere, you can ask him how he persuaded the nice folks at the University of Nebraska to use his picture on the cover. Posted by Hello

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Jayme Lynn Blaschke said...

Oh, you funny man, Bill Crider. Funny! Ha Ha! The scary thing is, you have that "dignified academic" thing going for you, so people out there are actually going to believe it when you say it's my picture. Thanks for the plug, but remember: You must use your powers for good! If you give in to temptation, the dark side will consume you. Like it did Lansdale...