Monday, April 25, 2005

Fibber McGee and Molly

Ivan, over at the indispensable Thrilling Days of Yesteryear, tipped me off to a really cheap boxed set of Fibber McGee and Molly CDs not long ago, so I ordered it at once. I didn't have a chance to listen until this past weekend, driving to and from the Aggiecon. On the drive, I heard six shows (one of them from early in the program's history) and enjoyed every minute of them. (Judy, for some reason, was not impressed.) For years, the catch-phrases from those shows were catch-phrases in my own family: "'T'ain't funny, McGee" and "That ain't the way I heered it." I'm pretty sure kids these days would think the shows were awful and lame, but I loved them in the long ago, and I still do.


Ivan G. said...

Sorry to hear that Judy was less than enthused about the Jordans...maybe her tastes would run toward The Halls of Ivy, another show from Fibber creator Don Quinn?

Bill said...

I like The Halls of Ivy a lot, myself, and I even liked the TV version. But I'm not so sure about Judy.