Saturday, April 02, 2005

Judge A Book... by its Cover

Judge A Book... by its Cover: "I love books. I love the smell of 'em, the feel of 'em, and I love the look of 'em. In fact, I even like to read them, but that's another story. The main preoccupation of this site is the covers of books. Mainly books I've picked up in charity shops, or at carboot sales or jumble sales, even some that I've found on the ground."

The link above is to a site maintained by Jim Barker, clearly a collector after my own heart. He's the brains behind Planet of the Sardines, which I've mentioned previously. Judge a Book has the covers organized by category, and as Jim says, "Here you will find hard-boiled detectives, scantily-clad floozies, unlikely space-ships, grotesque aliens, bizarre religious images, beatnik shockers, hell's angels, skinheads, barbarian heroes, and horrifying monsters... among others." Check it out.


Anonymous said...

As usual, I get cranky with sites like this that don't use thumbnails linked to full-size jpgs, since it takes too long for us cheap dial-up throwbacks to see the images.

Nevertheless, I can't be mad at someone who quotes maybe* my all-time favorite Richard Prather line, from Take a Murder, Darling: "There was a lot of her already in the room before the rest of her got in."

[* The other contender: "You won't believe this, but that rock just shot me in the ass!"]

-- Art Scott

Unknown said...

Time for you cheap dial-up throwbacks to stop and smell the broadband, I'd say.

It's hard to choose between those two great Prather lines. Which brings me to this question: Why doesn't Hard Case Crime publish Prather?