Tuesday, March 29, 2005

From Ed Gorman

Bill, when you say that the magazines Ennis Willie wrote for were "below Playboy," you don't know how much you understate. I wrote some stories for those same mags and I'll tell you while the erotic quality of the stories and photos wouldn't even qualify as "naughty" today, the sexism would probably get you the chair. A) all women were potential "nymphos." B) all men were potential studs. C) and if you thought that the cities had a lot of "nymphos" just drive out into the country sometimes. Every cornfield seemed to have thirty or forty "nymphos" hiding in the rows just waiting to jump some city slicker. The best part of every issue was the sex advice article, which was always written by somebody with PhD after his name. I wish (well, maybe not) I had a copy or two of those old rags just for the sex advice stuff. The weird thing was the mags were all innocent in an odd way. Totally adolescent--a seventh grade boy's misinformed fantasies about what "sex with nymphos" (probably even Maimie Eisenhower had a few "nympho" inclinations) was all about. Today they'd be fodder for Saturday Night Live.

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