Monday, April 04, 2005

Is Time Travel Possible?

Sure it is. Every spring the lunkheads in the legislature shoot us an hour into the future. Then in the fall they drag us back an hour. I'm here to say: Stop the Madness!

I mean, what good is Daylight Saving Time? Has there ever been a study that proves its usefulness? Not that I'm aware of. There are, however, studies that show an increase in traffic accidents every year on the Monday after DST begins. Yet every time spring comes around, the pussies on the Potomac deprive me of an hour's sleep. Why? There has to be a reason, right? Somebody must be paying them off. So who profits from DST? I have no idea, but there must be someone.

I've heard it said that DST is good because the little kiddies don't have to go to school in the dark. I say: Start school an hour later. The little kiddies would like that solution a lot better, and so would I.

I think it's time that we told the cockamamie Congress to stop messing with the clock and leave it one way or the other. I can live with DST year 'round, though I'd prefer Standard Time (or, as it should be known, God's Own Time). One or the other. But no more changes.

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Joe Important said...

Apparently Indiana has multiple DST zones within its borders. That has got to be a nightmare for travelers.