Thursday, April 07, 2005

From Andy Jaysnovitch

Andy Jaysnovitch has a comment on Errol Flynn below, but some people don't read the comments, so I'm reprinting it here.

There's a great article in the March issue of Classic Images in which Paul Picerni tells of growing up and dreaming that someday he'd be in a movie with Flynn. His dream came true when he was cast as a private eye in Maru Maru opposite Flynn who was playing a salvage diver looking for a lost treasure in diamonds. Picerni (in this excerpt from his upcoming autobiography) tells some great stories about Flynn. Picerni couldn't understand how he could be so dramatic in his scenes while Flynn was being so matter-of-fact and doing virtually nothing. He finally passed his acting course when he saw the film and realized that he was overacting and Flynn was doing it just right. Flynn truly did make it look effortless. Picerni of course is well remembered for his part as Agent Lee Hobson in the Untouchables. He tells a great story (this article is recounted to the estimable Tom Weaver) and he had a previous piece in Classic Images in which he told of being afraid he was really going to get decapitated in House of Wax. Don't miss his book when it does come out!

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Andy J said...

If I knew you were going to reprint my comment, I'd have spent a little more time with it. Paul Picerni can pack more interesting anecdotes into a a short article than anyone I know. To whet potential readers' appetites for his upcoming autobiography, in the CLASSIC IMAGES Flynn piece he tells of how Raymond Burr pursued him (Picerni) romantically!,how a director dealt with an obviously soused Flynn, how a middle of the night visit by John Barrymore turned into a three week stay replete with JB's rather unusual urinary habits, and, best of all, how Flynn figured out a way to get Jack Warner to pay for his underwear every day!!! Since it wouldn't be right to whet your appetite like this, I've put a copy of the article in the mail to you. I just know you're going to enjoy it.