Monday, February 28, 2005

Some Final LCC Comments

I managed to get a few minutes with Bob Levinson at LCC, which was a good enough reason for going all by itself. He's an amazing guy, who's been a big success in at least three different careers, including his latest as a writer. Anybody who can hit the L. A. Times bestseller list with a Five Star book (they're usually sold to libraries, not in bookstores) has my admiration.

Walter Satterthwait, mentioned here in an earlier post, talked about his novel about pulp writer Raoul Whitfield. Whitfield was a contemporary of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler, and the death of his second wife is the subject of the novel. Let's hope some publisher snaps this one up soon.

My plane was delayed, so I missed most of the first panel I was supposed to moderate, but I filled the chair for one called "Deep in the Heart of Texas: When No Other Setting Will Do." The panelists (Harry Hunsicker, Leann Sweeney, Susan McBride, Margaret Tessler) were all great, and I recommend their novels (Harry's first book isn't out yet, but it's on the way; he's sold two more, too).

Members of DAPA-Em whome I saw and talked to included Kate Derie, Gary Warren Niebuhr, Janet Rudolph, Marv and Carol Lachman, Ted Fitzgerald, Thom Walls, Maggie Mason, and former member Bryan Barrett. I was sorry the whole apa gang couldn't be there.

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