Monday, February 28, 2005

Further Thoughts on Left Coast Crime

I'm sorry to have missed the display of terpsichorean talent by Victor "Disco Vic" Gischler, as I understand that it was the highlight of the convention. As many of you know, Victor "Dancin' Fool" Gischler is the author of some fine novels (Gun Monkeys and Pistol Poets). I'm hoping his new one, Suicide Squeeze, will be just as good, if not better. (Cap'n Bob Napier assures me that it's good stuff, indeed.)

Although I missed the dancing, I did manage to spend some time with the charming Walter Satterthwait, who may or may not be a good dancer (he didn't offer to demonstrate). His latest book, Cavalcade, is another winner, according to me. Walter was on a panel about forgotten authors, and he discussed a favorite of mine, Frank McAuliffe, author of three books about Augustus Mandrell. The titles are Of all the Bloody Cheek, Rather a Vicious Gentleman, and For Murder I Charge More. All three are brilliant examples of plot construction, pacing, suspense, and humor. If we're lucky, PointBlank will be reprinting all three, along with a fourth that was unpublished at McAuliffe's death.

And speaking of forgotten writers, Walter, Kelly Lange, and I got into a discussion of Stephen Greenleaf, author of many fine mystery novels, who doesn't seem to have a publisher at present. There is no justice when a writer like Greenleaf has trouble getting into print.


Frank Denton said...

My Gawd, I hadn't thought about Stephen Greenleaf in a long time. He used to live in Seattle for a few years. He used to come for a beer when Gary Alexander, Don McQuinn, Bob Ray and I would get together. He had a son living in Seattle. I presume he moved back to the Eugene area. Heck of a writer and you're telling me he can't find a publisher. Shameful!

Your other news is good. I loved the Frank McAuliffe books and it would be nice to see them in print again along with an unpublished fourth. I remember reading James Mitchell about the same time. Good stuff, Maynard.

Bill said...

I think Greenleaf might still be living in your area, Frank. The news that he can't find a publisher is indeed grim. I hope it's not true, and if it is, I hope it won't be for long.