Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Otto Penzler Gets a Deal In the U.K.

Otto Penzler Reunites With U.K. Publisher for Mystery Line: "Otto Penzler Reunites With U.K. Publisher for Mystery Line"

"Almost 20 years after they first teamed up to publish mysteries in markets throughout the world, New York–based bookseller and publisher Otto Penzler and veteran U.K. publisher Anthony Cheetham are renewing their relationship, now to begin a new line of crime stories, under the Random House UK imprint Hutchinson."

But Otto never publishes any of my books.

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Andy J said...

I'm sure that if Chris Steinbrunner was still part of the Mysterious empire, your work would at least get considered. God, how I miss that guy! He's been gone since 1993 and he gets more search engine hits than most living people. Some day I will recount some great Chris stories, including the most amazing movie screening of all time (at his house) with Dario Argento.