Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Veronica Lake

My Way News: "Veronica Lake's Reputed Remains Resurface"

I was tipped off to this story by a note on the always entertaining Thrilling Days of Yesteryear site. I first fell in love with Veronica Lake when I watched I Married a Witch on TV. I don't know what year it was, but my family was spending a weekend with my aunt in San Antonio, and she had a TV set. We didn't, and nobody I knew did, either. So I was fascinated. Because my aunt had a small apartment that she shared with another woman, there weren't beds for everyone. I slept on the living room floor, which was great, because I got to watch the TV late into the night and see the movie. I thought Veronica Lake was probably the most beautiful woman in the world. Maybe it was the hair style, but I've never really changed my mind. Later, I managed to see quite a few of her movies, and I always enjoyed her performances. Of particular interest to me in the article is the following sentence: "She was working as a New York cocktail waitress, drinking heavily and married to her fourth husband, a commercial fisherman known as 'Captain Bob.'" You never know what an interesting past some of your friends have had until you read about it on the 'Net.


Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Whether it's Hollywood hype or not, I read that the U.S. Government encouraged Veronica Lake to change her peekaboo hairstyle because too many women working in defense plants were adopting it, thus causing an upsurge in industrial accidents. So she did, but her appearance after that seemed rather mundane and her movie roles diminished in stature and frequency.

And the Captain Bob she married was no relation to me, worse luck.

Bill said...

Dang, Cap'n Bob. I was sure that was you.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering where were her children at the time of her death and why didn't they step forward and claim her body or ashes. I just read another article saying she died in Canada and was brought back to VT. ? Who knows. She sure was a beauty and makes one wonder how she ended up dead in a dive.