Saturday, November 09, 2002

November 9, 2002: OK, so Dub has his UN resolution, and now it's pretty clear that we'll be at war with Iraq within weeks, probably before Christmas. (Peace on Earth, Good will toward men.) But today there's a headline saying that al Qaida is planning major attacks around the world. I thought al Qaida was the enemy, but instead we're going to war with Iraq, which, as far as anyone knows has no connection with al Qaida. We were supposed to be fighting the terrorists, but I read yesterday that the war in Afghanistan is not going well and that al Qaida and Taliban fighters are adapting to U.S. tactics far better than the U.S. is adapting to theirs. But nobody even seems to remember Afghanistan these days. Certainly not George W. Bush. Why? I don't have a clue, and Dub sure isn't going to tell us. He's the Big Dog now.


Anonymous said...

bush went after saddam instead of osama because he's a coward. saddam has no friends and osama has millions. bush is a blowhard oaf who is afraid of confronting anyone or anything that might fight back. he is a piecemeal sort of fellow. not good at seeing past step one. and step one is usually a cowardly one.

Unknown said...

Reading these old posts of mine depresses me. Why didn't everybody see it my way?