Thursday, November 07, 2002

November 7, 2002: What really scares me about the big Republican victory is that now George W. will get all his judicial appointees confirmed. I think we're in for The Great Repression and that civil liberties will be lessened. The funny thing is that many people who voted for the Repubs would be horrified if you told them that they were contributing to the repression of freedom. Why, they believe in freedom. They're the ones who want to keep the government out of the people's personal lives. Yeah. Right. So why do they want to tell us what we can read, what we can see at the movies, what we can watch on TV? They actually want the government to rule our lives, but of course they'd never say so.


Anonymous said...

the republicans dont really want freedom, what they really want is something other than the government ruling our lives. they want the church ruling our lives. think of it this way; democrats are marxists and republicans are latter day versions of the sanhedrin. democrats want the state to run things and republicans want the church to run things. "things" in these cases being "your life." not theirs.

Unknown said...

Kinda scary, isn't it.