Wednesday, August 14, 2002

August 14, 2002: I went to my office at the college today, and I'm already beginning to feel like an alien there. People who came by seemed to talk a little differently, but maybe it's just my perception. I have to go in tomorrow to make sure that all the summer session grades are turned in, but after that I'm pretty much a free man. And odd feeling.

I had to mow the lawn today, which, as I've already said, is not my favorite chore. Since we're leaving for Austin on Friday, and since we have to go to Houston this evening to see about Angela's car, today was about the only chance I had. Got it done.

The stock market is up, which is good, and I hope it will stay that way. I have less and less faith in George W. Bush's ability to help the economy or the country. He wants to get Saddam, and yet he's the one who promised (without delivering) to get Osama bin Ladin "dead or alive." Maybe delivery comes later. At any rate, if we can't get the one, how can we expect to do any better getting the other?

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Anonymous said...

george bush and anna nicole smith were both sired by george herbert bush. there are plans afoot to have the siblings mate and produce a new race of stupid degenerates destined to destroy the galaxy. you heard it here first.