Sunday, August 11, 2002

August 11, 2002: Judy and I drove to Houston today to have lunch with Allen and Angela. Allen was in town because he'd worked a private party with Cornell Hurd's band on Saturday night. We all went to Chuy's. I had the veggie enchiladas, which proves what a wild and crazy guy I am.

When we got back to Angela's townhouse, she told us her refrigerator had been making a funny clicking noise. While listening for it, I found water on the floor in front of the 'fridge. We opened the freezer and discovered that everything was thawing. I found a repair service in the Yellow Pages and called for help. They got a guy right out, and he replaced a burned out relay. The Maytag refrigerator is only 2-1/2 years old, so the relay shouldn't have gone bad so quickly, but there's nothing you can do except thank the guy for coming and pay him the Big Bucks. $160 for the part and about 20 minutes' work. But, hey, it was Sunday afternoon, and Angela needed the freezer fixed fast.

We got a call not long ago from Allen, who's safely back in Austin with all the DVDs we got him for his birthday. Now all he needs is plenty of time to watch them.

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