Wednesday, June 16, 2010

10 Horror Movies Everyone Should See

10 Horror Movies Everyone Should See | LikeMe Daily


  1. Anonymous8:22 AM

    I've seen them all but one (Frailty, which I've never heard of) but, c'mon! Blair Witch Project sucked worse than Apple.

    Halloween? Nightmare on Elm Street?

    I could do a better list in my sleep.


  2. Agree on Blair Witch. Never understood the hoopla on that one. I couldn't make it all the way through it. On two tries.

    Halloween and Nightmare, excluding the crapola string of follow-ups, weren't bad. Maybe not top ten worthy though.

    Now Frailty is one creepy movie. As in good. look it up, Jeff. Bill Paxton's turn as star, and director, is exceptional. And Matthew MacConaughey's role is one of my favorites of his. When you add Powers Boothe, another long time favorite, in a key role, it only adds to the movie.

  3. Yes, FRAILITY is a much better choice than most here.

    Not only could Jeff do a more interesting list in his sleep. but I've already done more interesting lists on my blog...I, too, make a proviso that these aren't the Best in all cases, but what I was looking for were among the best that wouldn't be obvious to even the reasonably informed generalist moveigoer...while that list was a relatively weak attempt to hit the Zeitgeist heights (but no ROSEMARY'S BABY...goodness.)

    13 Horror Films You Probably Should See...
    Cat People (1942)
    The Body Snatcher (1945)
    Three Cases of Murder
    Carnival of Souls
    The Haunting (1963)
    Night of the Eagle [aka] Burn, Witch, Burn!
    The Three Faces of Fear [aka] Black Sabbath
    Hour of the Wolf
    The Last Wave
    The Rapture
    Hotel (2001)
    Martyrs (2008)

    Similarly, 13 Suspense Films You Probably Should See...
    The Seventh Victim
    Odd Man Out (1947)
    Les Diaboliques (1955)
    Psycho (1959)
    Peeping Tom
    Odds Against Tomorrow
    The Virgin Spring
    The Conversation (1974)
    The Silent Partner (1978)
    The Stepfather (1987)
    With a Friend Like Harry

    And...13 Surrealist, SF, or Fantasy Films Resembling Horror and Suspense Films You Probably Should See:
    Häxan [aka] Witchcraft through the Ages
    Un Chien Andalou
    The Thief of Bagdad (1940) (though the 1924 film isn't too shabby, either)
    All that Money Can Buy [aka] The Devil and Daniel Webster
    I Married a Witch
    Beauty and the Beast (1946)
    Orpheus (1950)
    The Devil's Eye
    The Exterminating Angel
    Woman in the Dunes
    Quatermass and the Pit [aka] Five Million Years to Earth
    Twelve Monkeys
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  4. And "Like Me" doesn't seem to like to load twice.

  5. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Todd, I like your lists a lot. I was particularly pleased to see THE HAUNTING and REPULSION (which scared the crap out of me when I first saw it), both of which would make my list.