Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Disc golf: All the joys of golf without the plaid or green fees - 2010-Jan-09 - CultureMap Houston: "Fortunately for those of us who have a hard time coughing up regular greens fees for a sport they know will make them look like jerks, there is an alternative. Disc golf grows in following and respectability every year, and with more courses than any other city in the country, Houston is a great place to give it a try."


  1. I've played disc golf (we called it "Frisbee Golf" at the time) and it is fun if you're any good at throwing a disc, which I was at the time.

    The big-time courses, like the one shown, are considerably harder than the one we used, which had trash cans and cloth flags hanging from branches as targets, and no water features unless you counted the sprinkler heads. But then those courses were set up just before we started and taken down upon completion of play, with the approval of the Parks & Rec department folks.

  2. I'm pretty sure I'd be lousy at it, as I am at anything that requires coordination.

  3. BILL: did my email once again go astray in your loaded email box?

  4. Sure enough. Went into the "junk" folder. Same thing happens to a couple of the other apans.

  5. Dale Denton7:49 AM

    I haven't really played it, but have watched it at Veterans Park in Arlington while doing other things there, and it looks like a lot of fun. The Veterans Park course had nice changes in elevation and was wooded in places.

    I understand that this Arlington course is supposed to be one of the better ones, and they generally took up all the parking lots and a lot of street parking whenever they had a tournament, so it seemed popular enough. Also, it is a low-cost sport for the City Parks & Rec to install as well, probably less than the cost of setting up a single soccer field. Put up 18 of the pole baskets and some markers for the "tee box."