Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Strong Poison

Mystery novels had misleading covers, too, if not quite as misleading as the SF covers I've put up. I wonder of Sayers would get the point.


  1. Jeez, talk about deceptive advertising! I hope no one picked up that book thinking it was going to be a tough little noir about a b-girl who slips mickey finns to her customers.

    I enjoy the Lord Peter Wimsey/Harriett Vane mysteries (I think this is the first), but I don't think this cover accurately conveys the "Britishness" of those novels.

  2. Say, I may have to read this again. I'd forgotten this scene completely, especially the fedora and that dress. Plus, is that poison or a Mickey Finn he's slipping into the glass?

    ...and when's the last time you read the words "Mickey Finn"???