Sunday, January 28, 2007

I Seem to be Getting a lot of Publicity Lately

You can see what I mean right here.


  1. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Long overdue and well-deserved! You're an important writer and people are finally beginning to realize that, Bill. I read your books with real envy and that's the best complimnt one writer can pay another. --Ed Gorman

  2. Thanks, Ed. You should know that I feel the same way about your books that you feel about mine. Too bad not everyone in the reading world is as discerning as we are!

  3. Jeff Meyerson10:20 AM

    Hey, I read both of you guys! Doesn't that make me "discerning"?

    And great picture, by the way. Who was that book dedicated to, anyway (he asked innocently)?

  4. Jeff, you are among the discerning minority. And I think you know about that dedication.

  5. Good coverage. Congratulations.

    Now if it takes ideas to get a dedication I'll think of some. After all, I've known you for 45+ years. How about a dedication for the old Austin group? When I say old we're starting to get that way.

  6. "Old" is the operative word, all right. I'll think of something good for a dedication.