Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Today's Vintage Ad


Richard Moore said...

A little over a half-century ago I was a junior at the University of Georgia and dated a young woman with a 1962 (I think) Corvair with a straight shift. Since I didn't own a car I spent alot of time with her driving driving around campus.

One day we went across a railroad track--not a rough one--and as we came across there was a loud noise and the clutch and brake went all the way to the floor. I had no idea what had happened but the car, which was thankfully across the tracks, was immobile.

Outside, I got down on my hands and knees and could see the engine resting on the street surface. Turns out the motor mounts broke and down came the motor. The wrecker driver almost couldn't stop laughing until he figured out you can't tow a car when it is dragging its engine.

R. K. Robinson said...

That's an unusual thing to happen, Richard, never heard of that one before. I thought you were going to say the transaxel went.

I wanted one of those convertibles then and I'd still like one, though I did have a '62 Pontiac Tempest.