Friday, July 28, 2017

I Miss the Old Days

The Rise and Fall of the Great American Motel: Mom and pop motels once dominated American highways. Now, they’re an endangered species

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Bud said...

I used to know one of the former owners of the TeePee motel in Wharton. They were parents of a good friend. This couple were what I would call motel gypsies. They traveled the country, buying rather run-down small motels, fixing them up, then selling them and moving on to the next challenge. The husband was the wheeler-dealer and the wife was the fixer-upper. He was great at buying buying cheap and selling dear, but was a rather poor business man in between. The wife did most all of the fixing and decorating, in other words, most of the work. The only thing she insisted on was that each motel be near fishing areas 8-)