Friday, July 14, 2017

FFB: The Impossible Virgin -- Peter O'Donnell

The Impossible Virgin is a Modesty Blaise novel, but the title doesn't refer to her.  It's a reference to a vein of gold in Africa, and that's what the bad guys are after.

There's some great stuff in this one, including Willie Garvin's [SPOILER ALERT]presumed [END OF SPOILER ALERT] death when he's tossed out of an airplane a few thousand feet in the air.  And Modesty's cage match with a giant gorilla.  Not to mention a battle with quarterstaffs against machetes.  And a great heist scene.  Along with some truly goofy villains, and the endearingly goofy Dr. Pennyfeather, who's really good at what he does, though most people think he's incompetent.  

It's all sheer fantasy, and it's all sheer entertainment.  Sometimes that's all I need, and Modesty Blaise never disappoints. 


Tom Johnson said...

Loved all of the series.

Mike Stamm said...

Another favorite, particularly because of the [SPOILER ALERT] death scene and later reunion. Peter O'Donnell was the best of the best.