Wednesday, May 03, 2017

The Adventures of Roderick Langham -- Rafe McGregor

This collection of nine stories follows an unexpected arc.  Langham is a soldier, who encounters an ancient evil (paging George Kelley) in the first story, goes on to become a police inspector (and excellent detective), and then, well, you should just read the stories and find out.  Holmes and Watson figure in several of them, and Holmes doesn't come off too well.  

We get the "re-solution" (and supposedly the correct one) to the Baskerville case, and there's the affair of the ship named the Demeter (you Dracula fans will remember that one).  Eventually he encounters full-blown Lovecraftian (or Derlethian) horror (paging George Kelley once again).  And there's more.  I found the stories different, intriguing, and entertaining.  And the collection's only 99 cents for Kindle,  a nice bargain.


Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Darn you for tempting me into this.

Don Coffin said...

It's maybe next on the list...I have to finish a book about Dodge City and a book review (professional reading) and turn in grades (by 10 AM tomorrow, and then I have 8 months (or more) with not much to do but read for pleasure.

Scott Cupp said...

Got me. Purchased today! This sounds like fun!