Monday, May 15, 2017

I Miss the Old Days

30 Impressive Photos Capture Everyday Life of Times Square Area, New York City in the 1980s


Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Darn. We used to go to that Howard Johnson's on Broadway and 45th for ice cream cones whenever we were in the area.

A couple of the bigger movie theaters on 42nd near 8th are now 25-screen multiplexes.

I think the one near the bottom (World Premiere! SENATOR'S DAUGHTER!) might be the current location of B. B. King's. There was a long line outside yesterday waiting to get into their Sunday gospel brunch.

I remember Peepland, of course, and that Fascination place.

Now we have a Disney theater, a big McDonald's, Ripley's Believe it Or Not, an Applebee's, a New York Yankees store, Coldstone Creamery, and no trace left of the scene as it was in the TAXI DRIVER.

I miss the old days.

SangorShop said...

I did a double take reading that you folks miss the 1980s. But I suppose every decade is the good old days for somebody.... sr

Bill Crider said...

We geezers remember lots of decades as the old days.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

Don't really miss the 80s, at least not the way I miss the 60s or early 70s.

But it sucked marginally less than today.

Cap'n Bob said...

Once in a while I'd take the train down to Manhattan and spend the day bumming around Times Square. The highligh/lowlight was catching a XXX rated movie, which was tamer than a TV commercial today.