Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Peek Inside Buffalo's Abandoned Art Deco Train Terminal

Peek Inside Buffalo's Abandoned Art Deco Train Terminal


August West said...

My father's childhood home was a stone's throw from the place. As kids they would play along the tracks. Later when we would visit our grandparents we would also play on the same tracks. If I remember right it had a giant bronze statue of a bison in the concourse. My father's first train ride from the terminal was when he went off to WWII. His second was when he returned home.

Rick Robinson said...

How could they let such a beautiful building go to ruin like that???

Don Coffin said...

I love train stations [Indianapolis had one of the first combined-rail-companies terminals (local legend is it was the first)], and it breaks my heart a little bit to see something like the Buffalo terminal. But what can be done with such spaces that preserves their beauty and provide them with a true function? (I was peripherally involved in the effort to do something with Indy's Union Station during my stint as an economic development planner in Indy.) How do we turn those huge open spaces into something that is valuable today? I wish I knew.