Monday, October 10, 2016

15 Farm-Fresh Facts About 'Green Acres'

15 Farm-Fresh Facts About 'Green Acres' 


Cap'n Bob said...

I didn't watch it much but even I know that Eddie Albert's character was a judge.

Gary R. said...

Actually, Eddie Albert was an attorney on the show. Cap'n Bob might be thinking of the judge character that Jim Backus played as the husband on the "I Married Joan" series.

S.B. said...

This article is gold! A fashion style, maybe, would make people want to hurt more birds (feathers), and Eva says, no, feathers come FROM PILLOWS.

''Dahlink. Pillows! Feathers come from pee-lowz!''

S.B. said...

It seems that the purge of shows with hillbilly themes or rural life, really did occur. One story went there was a meeting of executives and someone said, or was overheard with a comment "We heard they call that the HILLBILLY NETWORK" and someone went back and had all the shows cancelled based on those comments!

(Purge around year 1971, according to the essay posted here)