Friday, August 26, 2016

“When Does the Past Become History?” (by Elizabeth Zelvin)

“When Does the Past Become History?” (by Elizabeth Zelvin) | SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN

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Deb said...

I recently read an Ian Rankin Inspector Rebus mystery from about 2007 and a major plot point involved trying to figure out where a photograph on a cell phone was taken. Fast-forward just a few years and geo-tagging would have wrapped that plot point up within a paragraph.

As the late, great Roger Ebert used to say, "The problem with a movie [or book] that is ten years old is that it isn't 30 years old. Only when a movie stops being dated and starts being history can we truly see its value." So true. I have no problem with a book from the 1970s featuring detectives trying to find pay phones to check back in with headquarters, but I'm rolling my eyes at 50 pages of "let's find where this picture was taken" in a book from less than a decade ago.