Sunday, August 28, 2016

Whatever Happened to Pay Toilets?

Whatever Happened to Pay Toilets?


Deb said...

My mother (Cockney born and bred) still uses the phrase "going to spend a penny" as a euphemism for going to the bathroom.

Richard Robinson said...

I have used them, when I was a boy. They were in most city parks in downtown L.A. when I would "go into the city" and spend the day while my dad was at work. (long story).

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

I've used them in Britain and other places in Europe. They do have a few in NYC now but I've never used those. There are still enough hotels and department stores where you can go for free. Otherwise, there is always the side of a building or between two parked cars.

Just kidding!

Deb said...

There's also an English phrase, "The penny dropped," meaning a sudden realization or awareness. The presumably came from how the pay toilet door would only open when the coin dropped into the unlocking mechanism.

Cap'n Bob said...

Here I sit, brokenhearted.
Paid a dime to poop,
and only farted.

Pay toilets will destroy the Muse who penned that famous poem (changed slightly to accommodate this family publication).

Howard said...

As a pimply teenage nerd some fifty years ago, I twice visited with Arkham House founder and author August Derleth at his home in Sauk City, Wisconsin. Once, I asked to use the facilities. Derleth said, "Don't forget to leave a quarter on the stool."

I laughed, but later wondered if he was serious. After all, he had spent a lifetime cranking out words for 1/2 cent per!