Tuesday, July 05, 2016

9 Movies That Were Supposed to Be Sequels to Other Movies

9 Movies That Were Supposed to Be Sequels to Other Movies


Deb said...

The information about The Detective and Die Hard was interesting. Was Sinatra's character really named John McClane?

Todd Mason said...

The Sinatra character's name in the film, as in the Thorp novels, is Joe Leland.

"_Nothing Lasts Forever_... is a tough-guy treat. Trust me."
-- Bill Crider, on Rara-Avis

Stephen B. said...

KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE is a biography movie and references THE DETECTIVE and the filming of ROSEMARY'S BABY.

Frank Sinatra himself said he needed Mia Farrow for the role in The Detective (she was his wife, and he threatened she needed to get out of the role or to finish with Rosemary's -- or they would get a divorce). She stayed on the role in ROSEMARY'S when producers showed her footage to that point and said it was possibly a role to win awards.

((I have to think that this speaks of the real personality of Sinatra, and his pushy, thoughtless nature; not just that he was upset over a movie taking a long time to wrap filming...))

The character is the same in DETECTIVE and in NOTHING LASTS FOREVER (made as Die Hard), with another name as noted here above.