Thursday, May 05, 2016

The 10 most unsolvable unsolved disappearances

The 10 most unsolvable unsolved disappearances  

Hat tip to Deb.


Deb said...

Those three little Australian siblings always get to me (I'm about the same age as the oldest). I can't imagine the devastation their parents were left with.

Jeffrey Meyerson said...

The 10 most recent disappearances, that is.

Jimmy Hoffa
Judge Crater
Amelia Earhart

Patrick Murtha said...

I am an aficionado of missing persons cases. This is an OK article, but the author gives rather short shrift to the Beaumont siblings even though he ranks the case as one of the most mysterious. Indeed it is, and VERY creepy the further you get into it (there is a "Human Centipede" angle, believe it or not, as well as an aristocratic secret society angle). There is a lot of good information about the case on Wikipedia - start with "Beaumont children disappearance", and follow all the links with respect to suspects and possibly related cases. Myself, I think that Bevan Spencer von Einem is the perp. The whole case is a "Zodiac"-type movie waiting to happen - perhaps such a film hasn't yet been made out of respect for the still-surviving parents, now 90-ish. But eventually it will be.

Another sibling disappearance that could well have made this list is that of the five Sodder children who vanished in a house fire in Fayetteville, West Virginia, in 1945, but whose remains were never recovered. The parents forever remained convinced that the five survived, and there were some leads to that effect, including a strong photographic one in 1967. Again, the lack of a movie thriller based on this case is puzzling to me.

Bill Crider said...

Just one more reason why we should always read the comments on this blog.

Cap'n Bob said...

I'd list Janet during any Bouchercon.

Bill Crider said...

Good one, Cap'n.