Thursday, April 02, 2015

PimPage: An Occasional Feature in which I Call Attention to Books of Interest

Gunfire Ridge (Bodie Kendrick - Bounty Hunter Book 4) - Kindle edition by Wayne D. Dundee. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @  For the bounty on their heads and for the sake of personal vengeance, Bodie Kendrick is finally closing in on the notorious McLory brothers. Their trail has led him far from his normal stomping grounds down in the Southwest and brought him to the remote Pine Ridge region of northwest Nebraska. 
The danger awaiting him when he at last faces the McLorys is bad enough. 
But, in addition to that, he’s also under threat from members of the fiercely determined Cardiff clan who are hot on his trail in order to deliver some vengeance of their own. 
And then there’s the pretty gal he’s become responsible for since she risked her neck to try and help him. 
Not to mention the renegade Indians who’ve begun raising hell throughout the territory directly in their path …

Everything converges and then erupts into a violent climax on the powder smoke-shrouded heights of Gunfire Ridge! 

Another gritty, action-packed adventure from Peacemaker Award-winning author Wayne D. Dundee.

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