Tuesday, April 28, 2015

20 Most Hilariously Cheap-Looking Monsters From Vintage B-Movies

20 Most Hilariously Cheap-Looking Monsters From Vintage B-Movies


Jeff Meyerson said...

Some classic stuff there. Of course, my favorite has always been ROBOT MONSTER as it is hard to top a guy in a gorilla suit with a diving helmet on his head.

They missed one: the "walking carpet" of THE CREEPING TERROR that swallows kids at a Hootenanny among others in one of the worst ones ever. They lost the soundtrack (or maybe a movie lover did it on purpose) so there is only voice-over narration.

And #1 - Texas leads the way!


Unknown said...

Those Killer Shrews are hard to beat. I remember the carpet from CREEPING TERROR. It should certainly be on any list like this.

Todd Mason said...

Looks like the page has been taken down, at least at that address.

Did they manage to note the MONSTER-A-GO-GO astronaut goon? One of the few to challenge THE CREEPING TERROR and ROBOT MONSTER.

Unknown said...

Link still works for me, Todd.

Todd Mason said...

Oddly,, it would take me to the Scib'd error page repeatedly when I first tried it...and seems to have some difficulty scrolling now, but works. Ah, well. The one I'd missed altogether before was UNKNOWN ISLAND...which is immediately my favorite, though the Mexican one is close.

Dan said...

Okay, the monster in HAUNTED SEA is supposed to look dumb.

I kinda like THE MOLE PEOPLE, THE SHE CREATURE and THE DEADLY MANTIS, and the only problem with the Mutant in THIS ISLAND EARTH is that we don't get much of him.

As others have pointed out, it's hard to take this list seriously when it doesn't include CREEPING TERROR, and I might add RETURN OF THE APE MAN: George Zucco is billed as the Monster and he isn't even in the damn film.

And now that I think of it, how about THE MIGHTY GORGA??

Unknown said...

Well, the Mighty Gorga does look a bit better than some of these.

Anders E said...

Let's not forget that big furry thing in INVASION OF THE ANIMAL PEOPLE.


Believe it or not, but Åke Grönberg - who plays one of the scientists in this - was a really good character actor who amongst other things appeared in several Bergman movies.

Unknown said...