Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Storme Warning -- W. L. Ripley

Brash Books isn't just bringing back out-of-print books.  In some cases it's bringing back a series and also publishing new books in the series.  That's the case with W. L. Ripley's books about Wyatt Storme, former wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, now retired and living in his homes in either Colorado or the Ozarks, depending on his mood.  He likes isolation and doesn't suffer fools gladly.  That's why it's a real problem for him when a movie company wants to shoot on his property.  Storme is even less happy to be providing protection for one of the movie's stars, Cameron Fogarty.  Throw into the mix a vengeful ex-con who's out to get Storme, and complications ensue.

Storme is an engaging first-person narrator*, a wise-ass, and a guy more than capable of backing up anything he says.  Just in case he needs any help, however, there's his psycho sidekick, Chick Easton, who's even tougher than Storme, and more damaged, too.  

The narrative is speedy and twisty, the snappy patter is always amusing, and the conclusion is satisfactory.  If you like being reminded a bit of Spenser or Travis McGee, you'll get a real kick out of this one and the other books in the series.  Check 'em out.

*There's some third-person narration thrown in, too, but not too much, and Ripley handles it well.

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