Saturday, February 15, 2014


BBC America Developing Robin Hood Drama Series 'Nottingham': What if Robin Hood and his traditional nemesis, the Sheriff of Nottingham, were the same person? That is the premise of Nottingham, a Game Of Thrones reinvention of the classic mythology in the works at BBC America. . . . 
Described as a soapy class drama, Nottingham centers on the Sheriff of Nottingham whose wife is killed by King John’s men. When nobody is brought to justice, the Sheriff launches a one-man war against the Crown. By day, he remains the reviled Sheriff, loyal servant of the King, but by night he puts on a hood and, using the intelligence he gains from his office, attacks the King where it hurts the most — his coffers.

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Stephen B. said...

In recent days it seems more and more of movies we see and shows that are created are old ideas, changed and updated. It's the same thing that I say about "Did you see the movie, and read the book" - the world of the show is changed and won't ever be as we pictured or hoped to see in the book.

Many shows/movies are filmed for a modern audience (younger viewers?) and not always for the better!