Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Hot for Dinos

Some Lady Is Cranking Out Dinosaur Romance Novels

Covers at the link.


Deb said...

I have to hope that this is an Internet joke. God, those covers...eeeuuuwww!

Rick Robinson said...

Maybe if it's for real she hopes to have some kind of fifty shades thing happening, but it's waaay too bizarre to catch on, if, asI said, it's even real. I sure as hell didn't click the links.

Unknown said...

It must be real. There's a link to her Amazon page.

Anonymous said...

ick ick ick

Gee Bill, I didn't know a 20 page story counted as a "novel" these days.

I knew there were strange things going on in the fan fiction world (Jackie used to read a Jonathan Creek blog and a lot of people were writing him into graphic gay sex scenes) but this is bizarre.

NTTAWWT, I guess.