Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Overlooked Movies: The Man with Two Brains

I have a weakness for the comedy of Steve Martin.  I've liked him ever since seeing him on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, and I've seen most of his movies.  Maybe all of them.  I usually find them hilarious, and I might mention a few of my other favorites on upcoming Tuesdays.

In The Man with Two Brains, Martin plays Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr.  You'd have to hear him pronounce it; hardly anyone else can get it right.  There are other names in the movie like that, and either you think they're funny or you don't. Works for me.  Hfuhruhurr has invented a great method for screw-top brain surgery, and he saves the life of Kathleen Turner, who's playing an over-the-top parody of her role in Body Heat.  Naturally he falls for her.  Complications ensue, such as Hfuhruhurr falling in love with a brain in a jar after he discovered Turner's true nature.  The fact that there's a serial killer on the loose might seem not to have anything to do with the rest of the movie, but it turns out that it does.  (I loved the identity of the serial killer, too.)

I also recently read Steve Martin's memoir Born Standing Up, which I highly recommend if you're at all a fan of his work.


Deb said...

My favorite scene is where Steve Martin stands in front of the portrait of his late wife explaining that he's met another woman and wants to marry her. He asks the portrait to give him a sign if there's a reason he shouldn't marry this woman. Suddenly there's shrieking, wind blasting through the house, blood running down the walls, utter mayhem. As things calm down, Martin continues to stand before the portrait, looking like he's been through a tornado. "Anything, honey?" He asks the portrait again. "Even a small sign?"

This, I always imagine, is similar to what happened when Paul MacCartney went to Linda's gravesite to ask her "permission" to marry Heather Mills.

Ray Kolb said...

I'm a huge Steve Martin fan. Deb beat me to the punch. That is my favorite scene in the movie.

I did read his biography, and it is very good and quite interesting.

Unknown said...

I love that scene, too. And several others.

pattinase (abbott) said...

He is just such a versatile person. I have seen his plays, read his novels, listened to his music, watched his movies and he just shines in every arena.