Friday, July 19, 2013

"She Loves You" by The Beatles

"She Loves You" by The Beatles - Neatorama: "She loves you yeah yeah yeah!!" 

This is where Beatlemania begins. To countless millions around the world, this was also the beginning of the '60s.


Anders E said...

Great record, originally issued the same month as myself. I think I have referred to this (totally LIVE) performance before, but it's so good I'll do it again.

It's from the very end of their tour in Sweden, which was their first visit abroad since their days in Hamburg. The long haired guy in the sweater at 10:03 is one Klas Burling who is a rather fascinating character himself. He ran what was apparently a pretty clued-in and hip radio show on the Swedish equivalent of the BBC from 1961 and onwards, and as the story goes he saw the fab 4 onstage in Bournemouth in the summer of '63, had his mind blown, went backstage, and simply asked them if would like to do a tour in Sweden. Now, that's how you create the sixties.

Anders E said...

...and here's their legendary radio session from Oct '63. AFAIK this was the very first time Swedish radio technicians recorded a rock & roll band ever.

Unknown said...

Yes, you'd mentioned that performance before, but I agree that it's worth watching again.