Saturday, January 12, 2013

Song of the Day

Sister Christian- Night Ranger with lyrics - YouTube:


Kelly Robinson said...

What the hell is this song about?

Unknown said...

I was wondering the same thing.

Todd Mason said...

About five minutes no one ever gets back.

1. Sister Christian is the only one who can say OK, but she's motorin'. Motorin' is apparently a bad thing for a Christian sister. Seems she likes to move from one Mr. Right, of the Night, to another. Rather than staying with the Night Ranger of her choice.

2. Mama is concerned.

3. Will Natalie Portman be able to settle the tariff questions in time to encourage the Obama Administration to build the Death Star? Somehow, this song should be the theme to this mashup film.

4. Sister Christian needs/A Real Night Ranger/To tame Her/OK.

5. Solo!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Todd. That clears it up.

Todd Mason said...

Truly, when faced with a work of realized art such as this, to anatomize is simply a crime against the human spirit.

Or motorin'. Whichever. Shah.