Thursday, December 27, 2012

Big Earl Rides Again

Now that James Reasoner's written a new Big Earl tale, I thought it would be a good time to rerun this photo that was taken the day that the idea for Big Earl was born.  This photo was the inspiration for the character (and for some other characters in the first Big Earl adventure, most of whom were cruelly killed off instead of becoming essential sidekicks).  Maybe James will tell the story over on his blog one of these days, or maybe he already has.  My memory is hazy today.  Anyway, you can see Big Earl right there in front on the left, with other assorted characters beside and behind him.  Quite an interesting crew, I must say.


Charles Gramlich said...

Now there's a neat historical item. Gonna save this pic. What a crew.

Anonymous said...

Cannot believe I never saw this one. It's a keeper if just for you and Judy. A classic.

(How about a list of the rest of the participants?)


Unknown said...

That's Doug Grad sitting by Big Earl. James's dad is next to Judy, and Paul Block is on his left. Pam Lappies (probably spelling that wrong) is on the piano. Pam and Paul worked for Lyle Kenyon Engle, and Doug was editing at Pocket Books, I think.