Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tereska Torres, R. I. P.

NYTimes.com: Tereska Torres, a convent-educated French writer who quite by accident wrote America’s first lesbian pulp novel, died on Thursday at her home in Paris. She was 92.

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Todd Mason said...

Thank goodness that the NYT has jumped on the the "lesbian pulp paperback" misconstruction wagon.

Not only are paperbacks not pulps, but this takes work that isn't written to any particular pulp formula and pretends that it is...albeit there were restrictions. SPRING FIRE is a Bildungsroman that is widely misinterpreted as having its protag reject lesbianism at the end, because the books were meant to be able to get around mail censors...but she doesn't. But since it's a Pulp, so say we all, she Does, so say we all!

I need to read the Torres sometime.