Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NYC Leads the Way

NYC Breaking News: A recent survey by Travel Leisure magazine ranked New York the dirtiest American city. 

 The online poll of 50,000 people found that rats, funky odors and trash heaps were the main factors for the dubious distinction. If there isn't enough dirt for you, it also "won" the survey for being the loudest and rudest city in the country.

It also ranked worst for affordability.


Anonymous said...

We're #1! We're #1! Now get the f@*k out of my way.

No, the "dirtiest" thing wouldn't surprise me. When you see all the garbage idiots throw on the subway tracks (way to feed the rats, moron!) it stands to reason.


Bud said...

50 years ago, as a teen, I had very good experiences in NYC. Across the board, strangers were kind to me when they had no reason to be. But i don't intend to go back and tempt fate 8-)