Friday, September 07, 2012

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In Loco ParentisIn Loco Parentis: Nigel Bird: Kindle Store: IN LOCO PARENTIS is the debut novel of the prize-winning author of the critically acclaimed Dirty Old Town (And Other Stories). Joe Campion is the kind of teacher that any child would want for their class. He's also the kind of teacher that lots of mothers want to have. And some of them do. When he becomes aware of the neglect and abuse suffered by a pupil in his care and witnesses an explosion of rage from the music teacher in the school, he decides the systems in place to deal with such instances aren't fit for purpose. His impulsive nature, dedication to his pupils and his love of women lead him into a chain of events that would cause even the most consummate professional to unravel.

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Nigel Bird said...

Appreciate the kindness, Bill. As always.