Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Last Kind Words -- Tom Piccirilli

So you think your family is dysfunctional?  Crime has been the family business for the Rands for generations.  Terrier Rand is the only one to break away and live the straight life, but now he's been called back to his hometown by his brother, Collie, who's about to be executed for murder.  Collie went on a killing spree, and eight people were left dead as a result.  Collie freely admits to seven of the killings, but he swears to Terrie that he didn't kill the eighth person.  He charges Terrie with finding the guilty party.  This means that Terrie's going to have to reconnect with his family: his father, a burglar; his teenage sister, who's mixed up with the wrong kind of guy; his uncles; and his mother, who's not a criminal herself but who has to take care of this weird assortment of humanity.

This is a book about crime and criminals, sure, but it's also about the pull of family.  Who says you can't go home again?  You can, but what will happen when you get there?  And when you start looking under rocks, what will you find?  Piccirilli's story has suspense and heart, and plenty of both.  When you finish read it, you'll be sorry to leave the company of the Rands, but don't worry.  There's a sequel on the way, which is good news for sure.


Anonymous said...

This book is terrific. Finished reading today.

Gerard said...

I follow Piccirilli on the Facebook and the Twitter and only today realized that I may not have preordered this like I thought I had.

Gerard said...

Yep, I ordered the dang thing. Apparently I am the only person on the internet who does not have a copy already.