Monday, April 30, 2012

Top 10 Hit Songs Stolen From Other Songs

Top 10 Hit Songs Stolen From Other Songs


Anonymous said...

Can't believe he didn't mention MC Hammer's blatant ripoff of Rick James's "Super Freak" in "U Can't Touch This." Ultimately he had to give him co-writer credit, as Brian Wilson had to do with Chuck Berry on "Surfin' USA"/"Sweet Little Sixteen."


Deb said...

What about Vanilla Ice using the iconic opening bars of David Bowie & Queen's "Under Pressure" for the beginning of "Ice Ice Baby"?

I must admit, however, that I love the new Budweiser commercial that features a rap over the guitar riff from The Cult's "Sanctuary."

Top Songs said...

Thank you for the information... ^_^ i've downloaded the song!