Monday, April 30, 2012

Christmas With the Dead Premiere

 Joe Lansdale and Bill Crider before the film.
Joe holds forth after the movie.

 Judy Crider and Karen Lansdale.
Kasey Lansdale and Danny, her guitar player.

Bill Crider, Kasey Lansdale, and Keith Lansdale, who's explaining a difficult plot point.

Photos by Angela Neary.


Todd Mason said...

Review likely?

Bud said...

I see that all the "Glitterati" were there, but where are all the groupies?

Anonymous said...

Looking good, especially Judy.


Anonymous said...

Still jealous. Cannot wait for the DVD. Boy, does Keith look like a young Joe.


Unknown said...

Heredity can be cruel as well as kind. Fortunately Kasey doesn't look like Joe.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've noticed that as well. Lucky girl.