Monday, January 16, 2012

Howard Lance Hopkins, R. I. P.

Howard Lance Hopkins: Howard Lance Hopkins, 50, of Old Orchard Beach, passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, January 12, 2012, in Biddeford.
[. . . .]
The superheroes of Howard’s youth, Doc Savage, The Avenger and The Shadow, influenced his decision to become a professional writer. For the past 24 years, Howard has written numerous books including Westerns for Hale Publications, graphic novels such as a Sherlock Holmes series and a widely known children’s series called the Nightmare Club. Most recently, he focused his energy on writing the Chloe Files, a character derived from his novel Grimm.


Stephen B. said...

Quite saddened to hear this news, and thank you for details posted on this.

Hopkins is an author and a longtime Doc Savage fan and many of the fanzines and a couple of newsgroups I've kept up with had information and writings from Howard, this is not good news indeed.


OOB GAL said...

Thank you for posting this Bill. He valued his friends in the writing community so much. I am Howard's sister and we are all very touched that his friends are remembering him..