Friday, December 30, 2011

Pablo D'Stair's Contest Is Up and Running

The $225 Crime/Noir Flash Fiction Contest is now up and running.

Both collections are available absolutely free for download or viewing via Smashwords. Instructions on how to vote and what to vote on are included at the start and end of each collection.

Collection “A” can be found here:

Collection “B” can be found here:

Again, the main site, where a listing of the authors of the Challenger Collection etc. can be found is here:

Please do give both collections a read and vote your heart—only one who stands to lose in this contest is me, and it’s just a bit of cash—written responses, reviews, thoughts, etc. of whatever color (positive, negative, ambivalent are extremely welcomed and will be shared among the authors.

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Brown Paper Publishing said...

Bill, you're a wonderful guy for always taking the time to post about my stuff. Really appreciate it and hope you, yourself, have time to give the sets a read.

Cheers and Happy New Year, mate.