Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Moveable Feast of Ernest Hemingway’s Life and Writing

AbeBooks: The Moveable Feast of Ernest Hemingway’s Life and Writing: ou could argue that today’s writers produce so-so literature because they lead sheltered lives and lack true inspiration. Most have never been to war and rarely endured real danger. Today’s big-name writers jet around the world signing books and attending literary awards, but they haven’t survived multiple plane crashes or hooked marlins in the Caribbean, or been trailed by the FBI, or got drunk with James Joyce or F Scott Fitzgerald.

If you think of a writer who lived a full life then Ernest Hemingway is the first name on the list and frankly the second suggestion will be some way behind.

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Dan_Luft said...

Personally, I think most of the great writers of the last hundred years came out of eastern Europe. And yes, those writers lived some pretty crappy lives, either from war or simply enduring their own governments.