Thursday, October 27, 2011

Forgotten Music -- The Ventures

Okay, so you all remember the Ventures, a group that had a massive hit and then continued to play together for 50 years or so, remaining popular all over the world.

But since it's nearly Halloween, I thought I'd put up something you may have overlooked. It's the Ventures and Boris Karloff. Now there's a combo for you. Check it out.


George said...

This was a new one for me! Love Boris and The Ventures. Great surfing music!

Todd Mason said...

What makes it borderline surreal is the conflation of Karloff, the Ventures and that well-known journal of rock-crit, THE READER'S DIGEST. Why RD would hire Karloff for their radio fillers? Well, I guess...why not? (Horror and suspense [and some parody] films...children's story records and the Seuss narration...and RD flacking. It all goes together, see?)

stupullen said...

Hello friends and fans of the fabulous name is Stuart J. Pullen ,known on youtube as stupullen ,the creator and up loader of the Karloff/Ventures 59 WDR.
Thank you all for the unrelenting support and for being great fans of The are all entirely too cool!